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Illustrator: Radhashyam Raut

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Illustrator:   Radhashyam Raut

The art for this story has been especially created by Radhashyam Raut, who is a traditional artist. He paints in the Patachitra style from Orissa in eastern India. Patachitra means painting on canvas – Pata is a special canvas made from cloth, and chitra means painting. 

Reviews   The Sacred Banana Leaf


"Scott's version of the story is anchored within its cultural context…. Light humor and colloquial dialogue combine to make this a fun read-aloud."  School Library Journal


"Scott's retelling has verve and humor, and the illustrations …

are both accessible and graceful … a stylistic elegance that captures the eye."  Booklist


"The book is fascinatingly illustrated in the Patachitra style …

Good notes at the back inform us that this is the first children's story

to use this art as book illustration. May more follow."  —School Librarian


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