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Illustrator: Theertham Balaji

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Reviews   Mangoes and Bananas


"One of many stories about Kanchil, the mouse deer… [I]ts intense vegetables dyes and stylized flora and fauna provide an unusual backdrop for this amusing folktale."

—Kirkus Reviews


"Possibly the most beloved character in Indonesian folklore, Kanchil the mouse deer

has yet another adventure… The illustrations, done in the traditional Kalamkari style

of Indian textile painting, bring a richness to the story… Children will readily relate

to the story."  School Library Journal


"An art style that fuses decorative and narrative impulses mark a striking departure

from most picture-book illustrations.... Well suited to adaptation for student storytelling."  



"Mangoes and Bananas is a beauty not only because

it has tangible characters and the requisite

lesson for the kids, but it’s also a tale that

engages adults and is fun to read."  

Rocky Mountain Chronicle



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