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Illustrator: Radhashyam Raut

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Illustrator:   Radhashyam Raut

The art for this story has been especially created by Radhashyam Raut, who is a traditional artist. He paints in the Patachitra style from Orissa in eastern India. Patachitra means painting on canvas – Pata is a special canvas made from cloth, and chitra means painting. 

This folktale from Indonesia and Malaysia is about a trickster who is a mouse-size deer called Kanchil. Kanchil is so tiny that in order to survive in a forest full of fierce animals he must have his wits about him at all times. This story tells how one day while walking Kanchil falls into a deep pit and can’t get out. He therefore devises a strategy whereby he lures a large snake, a wild boar and a hungry tiger into the pit with him and tricks them into helping him safely out of the pit whilst they are left stranded.


The narrative is interesting and effective with clear and simple text. The colour scheme is outstanding and illustrations exquisite. An ornamental style of temple mural painting from Eastern India is used for this tale. This book will definitely appeal to younger readers and listeners. More information regarding the folklore and art style used is provided at the end of the book and a game is also suggested which children can make themselves and have fun being involved with the story.

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